Laura Harring's Journey through the Entertainment Industry

Laura Harring

A graduate of Aiglon College, which is one of the world’s leading boarding schools located in Switzerland, Laura Harring embarked on a successful acting career after receiving her academic diploma and traveling the world as a backpacker and a social worker in India. The first Miss USA of Latin heritage, Laura Harring has starred alongside Oscar winners such as Denzel Washington in John Q and William Hurt in The King, as well as other remarkable actors such as Raul Julian, John Travolta, Forest Whitaker, Javier Bardem and Emma Roberts. She one of very few actors who worked with the legendary musical genius, Bob Dylan.

Renowned for her versatility, Laura Harring first captured widespread audience attention for her performance as Rita/Camilla Rhodes in David Lynch’s Mulholland Drive. Starring alongside Justin Theroux and Naomi Watts, she received an Alma Award for her performance, then a Golden Eagle Award for the same roles.

Since then, she has enjoyed a varied acting career but has found a niche in playing powerful, upscale, matriarchal women, as seen in her role Livia Saint in Marvel Comic’s movie, The Punisher. Laura often downplays her beauty. She has done so on Television shows such as the critically acclaimed The Shield, and movies such as The King, Drool, and Inside. And even in Love in the Time of Cholera, which was a movie based on Nobel, Prize Winning author Gabriel Garcia Marquez and Laura gained 30 pounds to play Sara Noriega. Two years later, Laura played a timeless mystery woman in the hugely successful Television show, Gossip Girl.

Away from her professional activities, Laura Harring is a talented dancer who enjoys salsa, tango and some ballroom dances. In addition, she performs Commedia Dell’ Arte, a classical form of acting that relies heavily on improvisation. Laura performs it in the Italian and French styles.

Laura has said she gets her inspiration for excellence, simply by listening to classical music and thinking of her grandfather, who was the Mexican Champion in fencing and equestrian. He suffered a car accident a month before the 1948 Olympics. His runner up, the man who could never quite beat him in numerous competitions, won the Olympics that year, in the equestrian competition.